An unexpected phone call…

…And so it started with a phone call, from our managing agents informing us that our landlord wanted to manage his property (our home) himself – not a development we welcomed, as the man has previously demonstrated that he moves with the speed of a tranquillised tortoise. We imagine he would move faster if we didn’t pay our rent, but we haven’t ever chosen to test that theory.
But it got us thinking. It’s not our home. Not really. We want a home of our own. We endlessly dream about “when we buy a house”, make our first leap onto the property ladder, make plans about what we would do, build and change, but are stuck in an endless cycle of renting.
It seems our plans for a lottery win, or for a rather rich relative of whom we were previously unaware to shuffle off this mortal coil and leave all their worldly belongings to us have failed, and so we begin this blog, and this journey of money scrimping and saving to “build” our house of bricks and beams, and finally buy a home made of hopes and dreams.

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