About Us!

At the grand old age of 34 (Miss Piggy Bank) and 33 (Mr Piggy Bank) we have embarked on a determined mission to save for a house deposit at a time when it couldn’t be harder to get on that elusive property ladder.
Along with our little Piglet (AKA Jack Jack the dog), we are on a mission of scrimping and saving to plough every spare penny we have into savings.
.. meet Jack Jack!

I’d like to think we are already pretty financially savvy. All bills are paid on time, we work hard, have decent jobs, yet we are still stick in rented accommodation. It’s pretty frustrating to think that each month, we are investing into our landlords financial future rather than our own.
There are still however things that we can do to reduce our outgoings and plough more into our house deposit fund. I have a slight Pandora addiction, we probably have one or two more takeaways than strictly necessary (and as a result, one or two more pounds than necessary!), and our food bill could inevitably be reduced further. Our beloved little Piglet also has a handy habit of requiring a vets bill in a tight month!

We estimate that we will need approximately 15k for the deposit/fees, and given where we hope to buy (Milton Keynes), this should make things affordable – It’s just a case of saving hard!

We would love to hear your own experiences, are you doing the same?

Love Mr and Miss Piggy Bank <3 xxx